Industrial Finishes

Emathal Paints  Industrial coating range retains its hard reputation as a major supplier of Industrial coating finishes to the petrochemical and downstream industries in the GCC, Asia & Africa. Recently, Emathal Paints decided to expand its range of products by introducing the first Industrial Coating line of products in the dominated area including Epoxies, Polyurethanes, and Solvent free, recognized as having the highest possible degree in the protection of steel, concrete and other critical elements of infrastructure. This provides the tool and direction to produce specific and engineered products that perfectly suit the coating demand.

The key success in the Industrial coating business is the presence and support of the technical cooperation between the customer and manufacturer that play a major role in the research and development of such range. The technical Italian expertise that recently joined Emathal Paints Technical department will enrich our technical services in this domain by providing technical and application advice to the largest user of protective coatings in the whole region.

All the power and support designed to the Industrial coating range will be guided by a specific PC division manager and professional sales team who will work closely to develop into new areas, monitoring for problems and seeking new technologies that may provide the solutions and defeat the difficult and harsh environment in the region.